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The Homestead Canning Cookbook

The Homestead Canning Cookbook

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The Homestead Canning Cookbook. (softcover) Buy 6 of any title and get the 7th free! Bless your family with healthy, organic food Certified master food preserver and cooking enthusiast Georgia Varozza wants to show you how safe and easy canning your favorite foods can be. She will teach you the basics, including how to fit the process into your busy life, the equipment you’ll need, and step-by-step instructions for both water-bath and pressure canning. Enjoy wholesome recipes for canning fruit, vegetables, meat, soups, sauces, and so much more. Save money by preserving your own food and gain valuable peace of mind by knowing exactly what’s going into the meals you’re serving. Join the growing number of households who are embracing the pioneer lifestyle. It’s time for you and your family to feel good about food again. This cookbook can help.

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