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Multifunctional Electric Cooker Mini Noodle Cooker

Multifunctional Electric Cooker Mini Noodle Cooker

SKU: multifunctional-electric-cooke1157463755
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1.It can make rice, steamed custard, nutritious eggs, delicious snacks, etc. Always, everywhere for your appetite.
2.Suitable for students, office workers, single people.
3.Waterproof, easy to use and wash. Automatic system failure. Automatic failure when water gets boiled.

Body material: stainless steel
Function: stew, soup, porridge
Capacity :1-2 litres (excluding 2 litres)
Appointment function: none
Rated voltage :220V-240V (V)
Rated frequency: 50Hz (Hz)
Rated power:800W (W)
Inner liner material: silica gel + stainless steel

Package Content:
Pot x 1
Power cable x 1

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